About FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is the best selling cross-platform database. It outsells all other standalone databases in the world. That is no accident. In terms of ease of use, FileMaker has no rivals. For that reason, it takes less time to prototype and then develop a project.* That means using it costs you less! It is also easy enough to work with that end users can make minor changes without loosing the overall integrity of the application.

Speaking of applications, FileMaker can easily be adapted for uses far beyond those normally thought of for databases. To see a partial list of uses, go to Products & Services.
FileMaker is also Web savvy. It is now possible for a web site to use FileMaker for their shopping cart in online ordering.

For information on what a database is, go to Dirtywork with Databases.

For a review on FileMaker Pro 3.0 (Claris' first relational version), go to Filemaker Goes Relational.

*In fact, many developers who work with other database programs, prototype in FileMaker Pro before doing the finished work in the other programs. Why would they do that? Because when they prototype, the developer is paying for the work. When the developer gets the bid, the client is paying! Nuff said.


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